• Sirinthorn Pikulthong Faculty of Archaeology, Silpakorn University


ภาษา, ป้ายพาณิชย์, ถนนพระอาทิตย์


This article is a part of an independent study entitled “Languages on Commercial Signs along Phra Athit Road”, aiming to study the status of languages written on commercial signs. Fifty five commercial signs were analyzed. The result of the analysis showed that English had the highest status on Phra Athit Road. English script appeared most frequently on these signs. It also occupied the most prominent location on the signs. The fact that English had the highest status on Phra Athit Road commercial signs is explained in terms of its acting as a lingua franca for both foreigners and Thais. English also functions symbolically. It indicates urbanization, modernity, internationality, and the new generation’s lifestyle. Store owners also expect that Thai customers can understand English signs. Therefore, English appeared on signs more often than other languages.


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