The Study and Analysis of the Visajjana of the Monks in the Pra-Raja-Puccha of King Narai


  • Chanin Phongsawad


Ramathibodi Si Sanphet (King Narai), Buddhism, The Buddha's word


This article focuses on the study and analysis of the Visajjana, which refers the monks answers to King Narai (Ramathibodi Si Sanphet)‘s questions (Pra-raja-puccha) in relation to Buddhism. The evidence not only shows King Narai’s interest in Buddhism but also reflects the historical events in his period, for example, the entry of foreigners into Ayutthaya. The research shows that the monks used the scriptures to help explain the answers to the King’s questions. This paper also looks at where and in which part of the sources the answers to the King’s questions came from in the Tipitaka and other Buddha’s scriptures. However, answering in accordance with other Buddhist scriptures which are not in the Tipitaka can cause misunderstandings.