The Service Marketing Mix Factors Affecting the Decision-Making on Using Homestay: The Proposed Conceptual Model


  • Tantikorn Satirak Faculty of Management Sciences, Princess of Naradhiwas University
  • Sarannee U-senyang Faculty of Management Sciences, Princess of Naradhiwas University


Decision use The Service, Homestay, Marketing Mix


This academic paper is a review of literature and related research. This is to present the factors of service marketing performance that affect the decision to choose a homestay. Among them, literature, research, theory and contents related to service market performance factors influencing the decision to choose homestay accommodation services were reviewed, and the factors were found to be as follows.

            Marketing composition factors affect the decision to choose a homestay accommodation service. The following marketing composition is determined: 1) product 2) price 3) distribution location 4) marketing promotion 5) employee 6) physical characteristics 7) service process and 8) quality, service delivery. Except for the concept of the service marketing combination section, the concept of tourism and the concept of decision-making are related to the decision to choose a homestay service.


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