Adaptation, Positive Thinking, and Happiness in Work Performance Affecting Preparation to Enter Elderly Social Society

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Niranat Thadchai
Jirasuk Suksawat
Sukaroon Wongtim


The purpose of this study was to study levels of adaptation, positive thinking, and happiness in work performance, along with the effect of these parameters on preparation to enter the elderly social society for employees at Siam City Cement Public Company. The research sample (n = 230) consisted of individuals 40–59 years old who worked at three factories. The findings showed that employees possessed high levels of adaptation, positive thinking, and happiness in work performance, while their level of preparation for retirement was moderate. Adaptation and happiness in work performance influenced retirement readiness preparations (p < 0.05). Combining these parameters allowed prediction of the level of preparation (37%) for these employees. The implications of these findings are discussed.


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