Since its inception in 2007, Dusit Thani College has been certified by the Thai Journal Reference Center, Group 1 from 2015. The journal has goals and scope to disseminate academic results and research results in the service industry,Kitchen management and culinary arts, tourism Hospitality and Tourism Business, Health Spa and Beauty, Exhibition Management and Conference Management, Business Management Science. The journal of Dusit Thani College concentrates on the study of both internal and external scholars.

Focus and Scope 

  1. To disseminate academic results and the research in the service industry. Kitchen management and culinary arts, tourism Hospitality, Health, Spa and Beauty, Exhibition Management and Conferences, Business Administration, Management Science and Education, both inside and outside the College.
  2. To promote and stimulate academic knowledge in society. By encouraging full-time lecturer and professors in various disciplines.

Peer Review Process : 
Policy scrutiny

  1. All research papers and articles must be reviewed by a peer reviewer in the relevant field. 2-3 persons / article.
  2. Articles, text, illustrations, and tables published in journals are the author's personal opinions. Editors do not always need to agree. And no responsibility is the sole responsibility of the author.
  3. Articles to be published must,never be published. Published anywhere And is not under consideration by other journals. If the review finds duplicate publication It is the sole responsibility of the author.

* Please remarks: Any article that the reader sees as impersonating or impersonating without reference. Or misleading as a work of the author. Please notify the editorial staff of the journal will be a great grace.

 Language  : (published language)
                        Both Thai and English

Publication Frequency : Three published editions per year

  • No. 1 January - April
  • No. 2 May - August
  • No. 3 September - December