Concepts and Business Operation of Boutique Hotel in Chaing Mai Municipality, Mueang Chaing Mai District, Chiang Mai

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ระชานนท์ ทวีผล Rachanon Taweephol


The objective of this study was to study the concept of establishment of boutique hotels and business operations of boutique hotels in Chaing Mai Municipality, Mueang Chiang Mai district, Chiang Mai, Thailand. The study was a qualitative research using a case study approach in order to investigate in-depth occurrence using in-depth interview of 8 people who operate boutique a hotel business and a non-participant observation.

The result found that most of the concepts in establishing boutique hotels were from the owners who used their own properties to run their own businesses. The boutique hotel administration was divided into two models: hotel independents and hotel chains. The analysis of four aspects of promotion strategies was also found that 1) the product of boutique hotel business decoration was classified into 3 categories: Thai Lanna style decorating, Chic style decorating, and Victorian style decorating; 2) the product price was set with in the period of time to suit the size of business and to satisfy customers; 3) the location was near tourist attractions, convenience, and the way of online selling; 4) the promotion aspect, there was used activity form for tour guide in Chiang Mai, there were also the discount to attract customers to stay in their boutique hotels, format setting of communication strategy which emphasized on online media, off line, and publication through staff via their service with the unique of boutique hotel. The analysis of competitive strategy was divided into 5 parts; 1) the new competitors came into the business because of the success of boutique hotel business operation; 2) the old competitors adjust the service and similar decoration; 3) the incoming replaces products of hostel which can attract customers; 4) bargaining of buyers who turn to use technology which has more websites; 5) bargaining of the raw material suppliers who change the price according to the season and am uncertain period of time uncertainly.

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