The Story of the Professional Thai Tour Guides

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กล้วยไม้ สุมังค์ Kluaymai Sumung
พิทักษ์ ศิริวงศ์ Phitak Siriwong


The objective of this research is to study a lifestyle of a Tour Guide who have been successful in their choosen career path; to learn about the problems difficulties and attitude in their career and get to know their viewpoint about their career. Our interviewees were three Tour Guides who had valid work permits. We used qualitative research techniques; the method we used was to study their life history and conducting in-depth interviews. The result of the study showed that most of the tour guides who work in this occupation did not graduate directly from Hotel and Tourism Management, but instead they have been interested in this career and all have a passion for helping others.  The Tour Guides did encounter some problems and difficulties at the start of their career, but were patient as they believed in the future success of their career.   Although the Tour Guides did not expect to receive much for their work, they did find the positive feedback from the pleased and supported customers to be very rewarding aspect of their career.

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Kluaymai Sumung ก. . ส., & Phitak Siriwong พ. . ศ. (2018). The Story of the Professional Thai Tour Guides. Dusit Thani College Journal, 11(special), 158–170. Retrieved from
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