Strategies Promoting Gastronomy Tourism for Foreign Tourists

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ภูริ ชุณห์ขจร Puri Chunkajorn


This article focuses on the defining strategies for promoting gastronomy tourism to foreign tourists since gastronomy tourism gaining popularity among tourists. It is evident from the amount of spent money for consumption causing from gastronomy tourism; However, The gastronomy tourism is travel that combines the nature of the area, culture, service, access to the tourism resources, being a good host, and unique identity area. It collects the experience to tourists, especially trying to taste of food, learning how to cook yourself, which is to create an impressive experience to tourists. In addition, gastronomy tourism also distributes income to local area and agriculture sector, both directly and indirectly. Using of agricultural product is main raw ingredient for cook. Participation in learning activities and processing of agricultural product in the farm. Souvenirs on food products such as spices, flavoring, delicatessen, fruits, and so on.

     For strategies promoting gastronomy tourism for foreign tourists. Start in, the first Step – Mission Determination, The Second Step – Vision Determination is “Development and promotion of gastronomy tourism as qualified tourism location that is balanced and sustainable”. The third Step – Determination of Strategy Issues that compose of 3 Issues. The first strategy is to promote tourism market. The second strategy is product and tourism service development. The last strategy is travel management. The Forth Step – Objective Determination (Goal), The Fifth Step - KPIs Creation (Key Performance Identification), The Sixth Step – Target Setting, and the last one is The Seventh Step – Strategy Determination containing of six strategies.  The first strategy is to elevate the gastronomy tourism image becoming to Quality Leisure Destination with an emphasis on positive information communication in cuisine topic that is different from each other in each local area. The second strategy is to restructure the market up. The third strategy is a local area development strategy. The forth strategy is integrated strategy of working through mechanism driving a whole system. The fifth strategy is to develop tourism staff and entrepreneur. The sixth strategy is a data and travelling information system development.

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