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รุ่งระวี วีระเวสส์ Rungravee Weravess


This article aims to analyze the tourism competitiveness of Pattaya City in the global market by using the concept of comparative advantage which is presented in the form of Tourism Comparative Advantage index (TCA) under the idea that a large number of visiting tourists to visit can reflect a satisfaction of tourism services in the city. TCA index is calculated by using data from Euromonitor international. The results showed that among cities of tourism around the world, Pattaya city has highest TCA index value, followed by Macau and Antalya, respectively. Comparing to cities of tourism in ASEAN, Pattaya city has higher tourism competitiveness than Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) and Singapore. Besides, Pattaya also has higher competitiveness over other scenery towns like Phuket and Chiang Mai. However, most of economic data of Pattaya City is not collected by local level but there are hidden inside provincial data. Since Pattaya City is located in Banglamung District in Chonburi province, so, Pattaya economic data, especially Gross Domestic Product of Pattya, are concealed inside data of Chonburi province, known as Gross Provincial Product (GPP) of Chonburi. Therefore, in order to analyze tourism comparative advantage index in several dimensions, Pattaya City should collect and develop its own data, including number of tourist and income from tourism, as well as data system management which will be benefit and useful for sustainable tourism development in Thailand.

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Rungravee Weravess ร. . ว. (2018). TOURISM COMPETITIVENESS OF PATTAYA CITY IN THE WORLD MARKET: COMPARATIVE ADVANTAGE INDEX ANALYSIS. Dusit Thani College Journal, 10(1), 260–268. Retrieved from
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