Management Guidelines of Thai Restaurant to Promote Food Tourism for Thai Elderly in Bangkok

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Kosin Panyaem
Chawalee Na Thalang


The purpose of this research was to develop the business management process in Thai restaurants, particularly for the elderly, in order to promote food tourism in Bangkok. It was qualitative research with a semi-structured interview. An informal conversational interview with stakeholders from the public and private sectors was used to collect the data. The group had been divided into 3 groups: group 1 government representatives; group 2 private sector representatives; and group 3 academic sector representatives, totaling 24 people. The study found that A SIMPLE models for the management process of Thai restaurants in promoting food tourism for Thai elderly people in Bangkok have a framework that is "The true pleasure of food tourism for the elderly is simplicity by returning to the nature and essence of human beings." which is made up of six components: 1) Activity (A); 2) Sustainability (S); 3) Ingredients (I); 4) Menu Planning and Design (M); 5) Physical (P); 6) Location (L) and, 7) Empathy (E).

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