Publication Ethics, the Journal of Graduate School, Chandrakasem Rajabhat University


Ethics of Editors

          1. The editors will regulate and support the operation of the journal to comply with policies and objectives of the journal and the ethical standards declared by the Thai-Journal Citation Index Centre/ TCI on ethical standard assessment of Thai academic journals in the TCI database on 24th June 2562 B.E. (

          2. The editors will verify plagiarism by using reliable computer programmes to ensure that an article published in the journal is not plagiarised or reprinted, however, when this does happen, the editors should reject or withdraw that article.

          3. The editors will regulate and support article publication without conflicts of interest in order to maintain good governance, hereby there are quality inspections of articles to be published beforehand by reviewers who gain no interests from every single article.

          4. The editors will monitor the quality and consistency of scope and policies of the journal with regard to the research-based process or the synthesis of the body of knowledge.

          5. The editors will regulate and support accurate citations which are in accordance with the content of an article, and they should not appeal authors to cite articles published in a journal they are responsible for as editors both covertly and overtly.

          6. The editors should follow a double blind peer-reviewed process, whereby authors do not know reviewers and vice versa. Moreover, the editors should not disclose information about them to anyone who is not involved while the manuscript is under revision.

          7. The editors should not appropriate and use as their own, in whole or in part, of an article.

          8. The editors will regulate and support the collection of publication charges in connection with submitting and publishing an article in the journal to be executed transparently and with the explicit notifications.


Ethics of Reviewers        

          1. The reviewers should accept to review a menuscript they are qualified or have an expertise in its content.

          2. The reviewers should not accept to review a menuscript with conflicts of interest with the authors of the menuscript.

          3. The reviewers must  consider all menuscripts creatively based on academic principles with fairness, straightforwardness, but without bias by utilizing a designated form and delivering  the assessment results timely as fixed by the journal.

          4. The reviewers must not disclose information about a menuscript under revision to other people except for ones involved in the editorial department.

          5. The reviewers should not appropriate and use as their own, in whole or in part, of an article.

          6. If the reviewers finds that some parts of menuscripts are similar to or overlap with other people’s works, the reviewers must notify the editors immediately with supporting evidence.


Ethics of Authors

          1. The authors must have responsibility and must certify that a menuscript sent for publication in the Journal of Graduate School of Chantra Kasem Rajabhat Unversity has not been published elsewhere prior to submission to the journal.

          2. The authors should be aware of research code of conduct without violation or plagiarism of other people’s menuscripts.

          3. The authors should refrain from reporting data with fabricated facts by means of  falsification, distortion, modification, and  selective demonstation of  the results which are especially congruent with the conclusions.

          4. The authors should disclose sources of the research funding (if there are any), and  any other conflicts of interest (if there are any).

          5. The authors should publish a menuscript accurately as required by the format designated by the Journal of Graduate School of Chantra Kasem Rajabhat Unversity.

          6. The authors should investigate the accuracy of a reference list as occurs in the content of an article together with correct publishing as specified by the Journal of Graduate School of Chantra Kasem Rajabhat Unversity.

          7. The authors should abstain from referencing withdrawn documents, but if there are any, they must identify that the documents have been previously withdrawn.

          8. The authors should revise a menuscript as suggested by peer reviewers in due course.