Guidelines for developing processes of basic education school supervision School of Minburi District Office, Bangkok

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Pitpiriya Karuna


       The objectives of this research were: (1) To study current conditions and needs assessment of internal supervision of basic education school under Minburi District Office, Bangkok Metropolitan Administration.
(2) To study the guidelines internal supervision process development of basic education school. For the quantitative research part, the sample consisted of 210 local people, namely administrators and teachers who taught all subjects in schools of Minburi District Office. For the qualitative research component, data were collected by interviewing 5 experts in guidelines for the development of internal supervision process in educational institutions. Data were analyzed by using content analysis.

       The research findings revealed that: (1) Current conditions and needs assessment of processes basic education school supervision. The overview and each side are in a high level. When considering the need index, it was found that the first need was the building of morale in supervision, the lower need was the Planning for supervision, Supervision operation and Evaluation and improvement of supervision respectively. (2) Guidelines for developing processes of basic education school supervision findings that: In each side, there are issues that should be developing first, Supervision operation provide the certificate to the teacher with efficient and sacrificing performance. Planning for supervision there should be budget allocation or budget reserves for internal supervision. Supervision operation there should be a workshop to think about techniques and diverse supervision methods. Evaluation and improvement of supervision results should be notified and sent back to the school meeting to assess progress.


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