About the Journal

About the journal

The ASEAN Journal of Education publishes original articles, review articles significance to education in ASEAN countries. By collating research from all over the world, the journal provides novel insight into educational practices that are interesting and applicable to the international community. The ASEAN Journal of Education uses an open access platform because the journal staffs affirm that freely accessible information facilitates improved basic knowledge and applied practices in education. 

ASEAN Journal of Education

Journal Abbreviation: AJE

Online ISSN: 2465-437X

Start Year: 2015



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Change of submission platform

On November 1, 2023, ASEAN Journal of Education switched the platform from ScholarOne to Thai Editorial System: ThaiES. However, manuscripts processed on the former platform still remain available via ScholarOne until the end of December 2023. ASEAN Journal of Education (AJE) will fully transition to the Thai Editorial System (ThaiES) as of January 1, 2024, as the submission platform.

Statement of publication malpractice

ASEAN Journal of Education always prioritizes integrity and ethical standards. We do NOT allow any misconduct in the publication. The principles of our journal are as follows:

1. Plagiarism

       AJE takes plagiarism and copyright infringement seriously; if discovered, the manuscript will be rejected immediately. Misuse of someone else's work improperly is highly unacceptable.

2. Fabrication and falsification

       The accuracy of the information presented in the manuscript is highly important. The author(s) must ensure that the manuscript contains reliable information. The results and data must contain NO fabrication or falsification, and there must be NO manipulation or misrepresentation.

3. Multiple submission

                Manuscripts under consideration by other journals will not be accepted for consideration by AJE. Multiple submissions are always prohibited under ethical standards.

4. Authorship disputes

Authorship must be correctly declared according to the contribution made to the work. Any authorship disputes must be resolved before submission.

5. Peer review integrity

 AJE applies a double-blinded review to prevent any type of manipulation. It is our priority to guarantee fairness and honesty in the peer-reviewing procedure.

6. Retraction and corrections

       AJE will take appropriate action immediately once significant errors or misconduct are discovered in any to-be-published or published articles. Following current regulations, the correction will be performed in a transparent manner.

7. Report of misconduct

                AJE is always open to complaints on ethics violations and misconduct found in the publication process from authors, reviewers, and writers. We ensure that the necessary actions will be taken professionally.

                AJE, as a research journal, will continue to serve the research community with valuable bodies of knowledge from our authors and help uphold high ethical and moral standards.


Change of submission platform


On October 1, 2023, our journal switched from using ScholarOne to using Thai ES: Thai Editorial System as the submission platform. However, until the end of December 2023, the manuscripts that our team is now reviewing will be accessible on ScholarOne. On January 1, 2024, ASEAN Journal of Education (AJE) will change the submission platform from ScholarOne to Thai ES: Thai Editorial System.

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