New Normal with Guidelines of Educational Management in Thailand

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Radchaneeboon Neadpuckdee
Khamphiraphap Kongsumruay
Anan Krommoi
Tuenjai Phangkham


          This article aims to present the guidelines for educational management in Thailand after Covid-19 crisis in 2020. use processing knowledge from experts, articles and relevant researches to understand the trends of educational management in Thailand after the first wave of COVID-19 spreading began to dissolve. Many sectors began to talk about "New Normal".  the semester is another part of the adaptation. New normalization and rapidly changing the trends in education in Thailand. Something will happen  in the future and how to prevent and resolve for Thailand Education could be flexible and adaptable to situations that may repeated. But educational management can still be carried out when the situation arises again Including the ways to prevent that may arise in the future.


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Neadpuckdee, R., Kongsumruay, K., Krommoi, A., & Phangkham, T. (2020). New Normal with Guidelines of Educational Management in Thailand. Academic Journal of Mahamakut Buddhist University Roi Et Campus, 9(2), 752–763. Retrieved from
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