Published: 2020-03-29

Design of ergonomic work facilities on assembly station of mozaic stone for increasing work productivity

Danang Trisusanto, Choirul Bariyah, Agung Kristanto

APST-25-01-02 (11 pages)

Hydrological investigation of a failure of the Huai Sai Kamin dam, Sakon Nakhon province, Northeastern Thailand

Peangta Satarugsa, Natthawiroj Silaratana, Kiattisak Sonpirom, Vichai Sriboonlue

APST-25-01-02 (12 pages)

Design and development of an intelligent irrigation system for Thailand: a Kansei Engineering based approach

Suchada Rianmora, Infandra Irfak Z. Ridwan, Ahalya Ravendran

APST-25-01-03 (11 pages)

A workforce scheduling model to reduce occupational heat stress and labor cost

Kawalee Srinakorn, Sun Olapiriyakul

APST-25-01-04 (9 pages)

Textural properties and sensory acceptability of texture-modified pork balls for the elderly

Numphung Rungraung, Dunyaporn Trachootham, Niramol Muangpracha, Sasiumphai Purttiponthanee, Thunnalin Winuprasith

APST-25-01-07 (7 pages)

Oligosaccharides from rice straw and rice husks produced by glycoside hydrolase family 10 and 11 xylanases

Alisa Pattarapisitporn, Pannapapol Jaichakan, Wannaporn Klangpetch

APST-25-01-08 (8 pages)

Subjective well-being and related factors among community-dwelling elderly in Udon Thani Province, Thailand

Sarinya Jingmark, Piyathida Kuhirunyaratn, Ampornpan Theeranut, Pat Nonjui

APST-25-01-09 (8 pages)