Published: 2018-04-29

Pollen morphology of subfamily Nelsonioideae (Acanthaceae) in Thailand

Thiamhathai Choopan, Paul Joseph Grote, Kongkanda Chayamarit, David A. Simpson

APST-23-02-02(10 pages)

Developing students’ writing skills in mathematical problem solving classroom using lesson study and open approach

Phattaraphong Kunseeda, Maitree Inprasitha, Narumon Changsri

APST-23-02-03 (8 pages)

Enhanced storage stability of freeze dried rice bran hydrolysates by maltodextrin

Geerada Kaewjumpol, Supawan Thawornchinsombut

APST-23-02-05 (11 pages)

Alleviation of salt stress effects on physiology of leaves in two cultivars of pigmented rice by application of spermidine

Punya Madee, Sumitahnun Chantaburee, Piyada Theerakulpisut, Jirawat Sanitchon

APST-23-02-06 (13 pages)

Theoretical study of peptide nucleic acid with(2'R,4'R)-prolyl-(1S,2S)-2-aminocyclobutanecarboxylic acid acid backbone binding to DNA and self-pairing

Amphawan Maitarad, Nattawee Poomsuk, Chittima Laohpongspaisan, Khatcharin Siriwong

APST-23-02-08 (7 pages)

Relationship between floret size and anther culture response in an ornamental sunflower

Khamsee Saensee, Thitiporn Machikowa, Yalcin Kaya, Nooduan muangsan

APST-23-02-09 (9 pages)

High school students’ mathematical modelling in classroom using open approach

Montree Chuenura, Narumon Changsri, Maitree Inprasitha

APST-23-02-10 (8 pages)