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Pimporn Wattanakamolkul


The purpose of research aimed to study the problems of teaching Chinese vocabulary in Thai
universities. The results showed that 1. The teachers pay more attention to teaching Chinese vocabulary;
2. Teachers lack the teaching method in Chinese vocabulary especially in the lesson plan; 3. Existing
Chinese Vocabulary teaching methods of Chinese teachers in Thai universities are revealed; 4. Problems
in learning and teaching Chinese vocabulary are as follows: the lecturers lack knowledge in choosing the
vocabulary and teaching method. Moreover, word are misused. The results of the research will be used
to develop the teaching method in the future.


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Wattanakamolkul, P. (2018). DISCUSSION ON THE SITUATION AND REFLECTION OF CHINESE VOCABULARY TEACHING IN THAI UNIVERSITIES. Chinese Journal of Social Science and Management, 2(2), 80-91. Retrieved from https://so01.tci-thaijo.org/index.php/CJSSM/article/view/178861
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