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Juntong Yu


          As an organic combination of creative industries and rural tourism, rural literary tourism has greatly promoted the transformation and upgrading of modern rural tourism in the countryside surrounding Beijing. However, its development is severely restricted due to the scarcity of tourism destination resources. Moreover, from the perspective of regional development or based on analysis of the form of the development of literary tourism, the development of rural literary tourism in Beijing presents a multi-form and unbalanced situation.
          The main objective of this study was to promote the rapid and balanced development of rural literary tourism in Beijing. Based on the analysis of the necessity and feasibility of developing rural literary tourism in Beijing, the characteristics of rural literary tourism consumer groups in Beijing were examined by visiting several rural literary tourism providers and consumers and conducting the questionnaire. Based on the principal component analysis and logistic regression model, this paper analyzes the main factors affecting the consumption of literary creation in Beijing. Considering the high level of correlation of the rural literary creation tourism industry, the grey system theory was used to analyze the development of rural literary creation tourism in Beijing and make grey predictions of the development scale and direction of rural literary creation tourism in Beijing based on the main influencing factors.
          In terms of the research methods and content, this study not only examines the influencing factors among the consumers of different types and functions of rural literary tourism from the perspective of the market, but can also help the providers of rural literary tourism understand the consumer market from the perspective of supply. Based on the perspective of industrial correlation and the investment environment, this paper uses grey correlation analysis and grey prediction to forecast the development of formal rural literary tourism. The results will provide a decision-making basis for the government to macro-control the development of rural literary tourism in Beijing, China and to promote the balance and rapid development of rural literary tourism in Beijing.


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Yu, J. (2020). DEVELOPMENT OF CULTURAL CREATIVE TOURISM OF RURAL AREA IN BEIJING, CHINA: THE GREY RELATIONAL ANALYSIS. Chinese Journal of Social Science and Management, 4(1), 1-16. Retrieved from
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