Amid the Covid19 pandemic, I wish all the readers remain healthy and safe. As we face this most challenging worldwide catastrophe, our routines are undeniably affected by the situation, making us shift to work from home that make the publication still possible. Our Editorial team and peers continuously worked hard to ensure that this academic and research platform maintain its quality to serve the general public.

          With the annual accreditation of TCI, Chinese Journal of Social Science and Management (CJSSM) has remained at the same rank, TCI2. It is the only Chinese journal of its kind to hold this rank. There are many constructive recommendations for improvement following the evaluation. They will be posted as the mission for us to accomplish in the near future.

          This is the 7th issue of Chinese Journal of Social Science and Management (CJSSM). In this issue, we have accepted ten manuscripts of academics and researchers from Panyapiwat Institute of Management, Renmin University of China, Huachiew Chalermprakiet University, Fuyang Normal University, Rangsit University, and Dhurakit Pundit University. These studies cover various fields such as cultural creative tourism development; the influence of entrepreneurship on enterprise performance; the influencing factors on innovative team effectiveness; the influence of psychological capital of teachers upon performance; the adaptability of post-90s employees in enterprise; the influence of inclusive leadership on employee turnover intention; the solution for the nurse-patient conflict; Chinese language usage relating to floating market tours; the meanings and teaching strategies of the Chinese and Thai word for "foot"; and Chinese students’ perceptions toward implementation of English immersion.

          Lastly, we are now available on CNKI platform, and we believe that we can greatly improve the exposure of CJSSM and, of course, the articles, and increase the opportunity for academic cooperation.


Published: 2020-06-29