The Development of Speaking Skills of Students at the Primary Level Using Storytelling Elements as a Tool

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Woraya Rodvinij


The purposes of this research were as follows (1) to apply storytelling elements to develop speaking skills and (2) to examine storytelling elements to cope with speaking problems. The sample was selected purposively and comprised 20 students. The instrument used in the study was a checklist created to investigate competency in using storytelling elements. The data were analyzed using mean, descriptive statistics, and T-test. The results of this study show that (1) understanding of the story, story structure, and voice are respectively the most frequently reported elements for Group A. However, the pacing, understanding of the story, and voice are the most frequently reported components for Group B. (2) The use of overall storytelling elements reported by Group A students and their Group B counterparts did not significantly differ at a competency level of .05. However, only the attempt to think strategically in English differs significantly when using storytelling elements for both groups at .009.


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