Relationships between Organizational Culture and Lecturers’ Commitment in Private Universities of Thailand

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Xi Xi Liu
Prakob Kunarak


The main purpose of this study was to diagnose the organizational life cycle, organizational culture and lecturers’ commitment to private universities of Thailand. The researcher conducted a diagnosis in each area and proposed a program of appropriate organizational development intervention to address the symptoms in each area. The study was conducted by using the opinionnaire and the interview forms to collect data during the last week of May 2018 from three selected private universities in Thailand. There were 300 lecturers who were drawn for this study. Data collected through the opinionnaires were analyzed by demographic statistics, mean and standard deviation. It was found that the three selected universities were at maturity stage, but the respondents did not state clearly about the performance and normal problems during this stage. There was a clear understanding that organizational culture in the private universities was understood well among the lecturers, but they did not understand how to achieve the objectives. (Is this the author’s intention – “objectives”?) and how much the organizational culture affected their commitment. The respondents also showed a high level of commitment to their universities. even though the universities’ performances were imperfect.


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