Public Secondary School Administration on Supporting Teaching Chinese as a Second language (TCSL) Program in Thailand

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Ruyi Ouyang
Pragob Kunarak


The main purpose of this research was to study and analyze the public secondary school administration on supporting Teaching Chinese as a Second Language (TCSL) programs in Thailand and to obtain the suitable strategy to improve the quality of TCSL program. The study was conducted by using a mixed method design including quantitative and qualitative research, statistical analysis, questionnaires and interviews which were the main methods to collect data. The TCSL program’s present condition questionnaire were used by Chinese language teachers, while interviews were used by school administrators. The findings of the study were (1) There was a lack of consciousness of the significance of TCSL program for school administrators. (2) There existed many defects and insufficiencies with school administration including leadership, Chinese language teachers’ administration, financial administration, and curriculum administration (3) There were urgent needs to improve the performance of the TCSL programs in terms of the school administration.


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