Management of Budget for Focus on the Elderly Welfare Strategies of Bangkok Metropolitan Administration

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Nopporn Vihoknoi


The purpose of this research was to (1) study the administration of the budget for focus-based work on the welfare strategy for the elderly (2) study the problems and obstacles in managing the budget for the elderly. (3) propose a budget management model.The method of conducting research is a combination of quantitative research methods. Data were collected by using questionnaires from the personnel of the Bangkok Metropolitan Office, totaling 235 people. Data were analyzed using statistical packages using frequency, percentage, mean and standard deviation. The qualitative research Collected data by conducting in-depth interviews with 18 Bangkok administrators and 10 elderly people in Bangkok Analyze data with content analysis method.The results of the research were as follows: 1) Budget expenditure management focused on performance based on the strategy of elderly welfare in Bangkok as a whole was at a high level. 2) Problems in the management of budget expenditure, focusing on performance based on the elderly welfare strategy, found that there are 3 problems as follows: 1. budget planning issues, found that the planned budget to get the transfer budget from Government grants early budget will have a lag. 2. budget management issues, found that in budget disbursements, with seniors by transferring funds to the elderly who may be unable to transfer, it must take account of the money were coming to the Office is an issue that needs to be taken to new disbursements 3. the evaluation found that the District Office has a budget and monitoring the work, but because the officials of the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration. Budgeting in the elderly care also does not cover the needs of the elderly. 3) management expenditure budget best of Bangkok should have on the effectiveness of services, appropriateness and fairness pose, collaboration in community welfare by people in the community have budget management systems. In the expenditure budget. you can check the clear and transparent contribute to improving the quality of life of the elderly in sustainable.


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