The Study on the Development of the Participatory Management of Occupational Group that Affects the Sustainable Development of Mae Chan Tai Community, Mae Suai District, Chiang Rai Province

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Sutheemon Chongesiriroj
Chanchai Bunchapatanasakda


This research is a mixed methods research on both qualitative and quantitative research which aims to study the participatory management of the occupational group and the potential development guidelines, which can bring the knowledge to develop the management pattern and the strategies for promoting the community sustainable development. Sample consisted of 36 households. The research found out that the management of the occupational group (POSDCoRB) in overall is in high level. Anyway, in each aspect, it was found that the opinions with the highest level towards the budgeting and the other aspects were rated as high level such as staffing, reporting, directing, planning, organizing, and coordinating respectively. The guidelines for the participatory development of the occupational group that affecting the potential sustainable development should focus on (1) Create the processes and patterns of the occupational group development, which focus on the participation and the use of the learning process as the development strategies (2) Transfer the knowledge by applying in order to improve the occupational group management process for the most benefit that can help each other to create the strength in the future.


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