Change Leadership Model of School Directors at Extra-Large Secondary Schools that Promotes High-Performance Organization of Schools

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Puncharat Hemaburude
Weeravat Utairat


The objective of this mixed-method research is to develop the transformational leadership model of the school director that promotes being a high-performance organization of special large secondary schools under the Office of the Basic Education Commission. The population is 290 school directors. Information providers include administrators, teachers, and experts. Tools used were questionnaires, interview form, and evaluation form. Statistics for data analysis are mean, standard deviation, multiple regression analysis. The content analysis is also used. The research found that the structure of the model consists of 3 parts: (1) principles, reasons, and objectives of the model (2) elements and things that must be done (3) evaluation of the implementation of the model. This model is a model that demonstrates the use of feature-based and behavioral leadership of secondary school administrators in the development of inspirational visions and intellectual stimulation that influence change in attitudes and behavior of members in the organization, creating member engagement towards changing organizational objectives and key strategies. It is a model that responds to the school administration with modern management methods that are up to date according to the quality criteria which are standardized for the development of secondary schools towards being a high-performance organization. In the overall picture, this leadership style has been certified as accurate, feasible and useful at the highest level.


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