Japanese language learning through online methods of Thai learners Case study Eastern Asia University ' Business Japanese major

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Kamala Phanichvibul
Akane Taniguchi
Yoshie Wako


Due to the spread of corona virus in 2020, our university is one of the schools that are affected. The university announced the closure of schools to prevent the spread of the 2019 coronavirus. Make teaching and learning management change to online format After about a year after the start of online teaching and learning management, it became known about the problems and characteristics of teaching and learning in the normal and online formats. Therefore, this article has compiled a list of the problems encountered by each subject in Business Japanese. and to analyze and consider teaching methods It was found that the effective teaching styles were different in each subject as follows: 1) the subjects teaching grammar had a good performance on the synchronous teaching style; 3) Conversation-based courses requiring practice of listening and speaking skills are effective for mixed teaching styles.


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