The Change in Leadership That Affect the Development of High-Performance State Enterprises

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Watcharaphol Phopoonsak


The research determines to study on (1) the high Performance state enterprises and change in leadership level (2) factors contributing the state enterprises to have high performance .The 600 samples were selected from PTT PCL, Thai Airways PCL, and TOT PCL. The study utilizes a mixed methodology (1) It is found that the average performance level of the organization is at above 4.16 points (2) the level of transformational leadership is at 4.15 points (3) comparison of the high-performance enterprises indicates that qualities of these enterprises are comparatively and statistically different at 0.05 points which conform to the hypothesis that each enterprises’ performance levels are different (4) the transformational leadership has an influence on high performance organizations at a very low level. Therefore; it enables us to presume that leadership in change causes the organization to acquire its high performance. When conducting multiple regression analysis, it is found that the variables of the leadership in change which are: concerns on individuality (X4), building inspiration (X2), triggering wisdom (X3), and influences from management’s ideology and personal charisma (X1), can significantly predict state enterprises’ performance (Y1) in a positive way at a statistical point of 0.05.


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