Research Culture of Teachers in Pattani Province

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The purposes of this research were 1) to study the opinions of teachers in Pattani province about research culture, beliefs, attitudes, values and support factors toward research, 2) to compare the research culture about the beliefs, attitudes, and values issues in different of sex, age, teaching experience, qualification, organization, position, and academic status. 3) to compare support factors of the different organizations. 4) to study the relationship between individual factors and research culture in the current status. 5) to study the suggestions to develop Pattani teachers’ research culture. The samples were 400 teachers in pattani. The research instrument was a questionnaire about the teachers’ research culture. The data was analyzed using frequencies, percentage, means, standard deviation, t-test, F-test and Chi-Square Test.

The finding were as follows: 1) Most teachers did research but their research quality were not satisfy. In the past ten years, teachers did 1-2 researches for school evaluation, teaching improvement and academic promotion respectively. Pattani teachers had very high level of positive attitudes toward research and support factors was found in the medium level. 2) Teachers in different sex, age, teaching experience, organization and position had the same beliefs, attitudes, and values toward research. 3) The result of comparing support factors toward the different organization was significantly different at 0.05 level, except in the sources for research requirement. The research policy and research administration knowledge and research experience, research budget, time, reward from research were significantly differences at 0.05 level.  4) Individual factors relate to the research format, research quality, research distribution, and research plans in the next 5 years were significantly differences at 0.01 and 0.05 and 5) All administrators should support teachers in doing research effectively and continually

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