Administration trend manages coastal resource, of Bang kau Sub district, Saiburi district, Pattani province

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อาลี หะแวกะจิ
วรรณชนก จันทชุม


The objective of this case study to indicate about 1. The situations, environment  factors, problems, coastal resources guideline resolve management of  Bangkau sub  district  Saiburi district   Pattani  province 2. Proposed guideline coastal resources management of Bangkau sub  district, will help the increasing completeness of coastal resources.

The information from group  sample of interviewers and some data from the collectors, when analyzed indicate that these problems and defects are appeared and should make an improvement of the policies and administration, to solve the interest conflict of coastal resource, as artificial reef line, sea grass, fishery area, community agriculture  etc. need to cooperate local development plans between organizations in area county or any related organizations as urgently. The department of marine and coastal resources is responsible for conservation and management of marine and coastal resources, must be considered as an important task, define thought integrated planning in collaboration with various organizations to take advantages of the land and coastal resources, to define a zone, coastal land for clear operational including the planning cope in case of caused coastal erosion and preparation of coastal fisherman evacuation when monsoon season log. A study   on the new dimension of managing coastal resources make least negative   coarse impact to the shoreline and local community. Coastal resources management of  Bangkau sub  district focuses on responsibility, to be kept in the condition of resource and the environment, culture, traditional and natural resources conservation as well including the beneficial to local people of Bangkau sub  district, specifically the local coastal population and local costal fishing career, as much as possible from the world’s development in the field of sustainable development, the concept on sustainable coastal resource management.


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หะแวกะจิ อ., & จันทชุม ว. (2018). Administration trend manages coastal resource, of Bang kau Sub district, Saiburi district, Pattani province. Al-HIKMAH Journal, 3(6), 37–45. Retrieved from
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