The Production Capability of the Mold Industry of Small and Medium Enterprises in Thailand 4.0

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Thanit Janthawiset
Sanit Sirivisitkul
Kietchai Veerayannon


The production capability of the Thai mold industry at present is progressing and developing continually. Mostly, it is small and medium enterprises. For Thailand, it is important to focus on Industry 4.0 to drive the development process of different kinds of products, making the country competitive in the market, and able to cover all the demands needed. However, Thailand’s adaptation to Industry 4.0 requires a focus on human resources, labor skills, and technology. Although Thailand has a reputation for producing a strong industrial supply, the result of an in-depth analysis of industrial development revealed that the country still has a shortage of skilled workers and technicians. Therefore, Thailand’s mold industry should focus on human resource development, investment capital, integration of modern technology with the production process, as well as proper management, for its efficiency and competitiveness in the mold manufacturing industry.

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บทความวิชาการ (Academic Article)


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