Focus and Scope

  1. To publish academic works in all related disciplines including Humanities, Social Sciences, Economics, Business Administration, Management and Law.
  2. To publish academic contributions of lecturers and scholars in general which are presented in a form of research articles and analytical review articles.
  3. To be a platform that stimulates and supports the continuity of research contributions.

Peer Review Process

All articles submitted to the Hatyai Academic Journal and selected for double-blind peer review are sent to at least two independent reviewers, selected by the editors. Both the reviewer and author identities are concealed from the reviewers, and vice versa.

Publication Frequency

The journal publishes two volumes per year:

  • No. 1: January - June
  • No. 2: July - December


Piracy, unauthorized reproduction, modification or public release, is an offence of illegal act. The offender will be given a criminal penalty including imprisonment or/and fines.  In addition, the copyright owner also has a right to make a civil claim. The fines are ranging from 20,000 baht to 200,000 baht. In case of the offence is committed for economic purposes, the offender is subject to imprisonment of 6 months to 4 years or a fine of 100,000 baht to 800,000 baht, or both.


Sources of Support

Journal History

Since its inception in 2003, Hatyai Academic Journal has served as a medium for the publication of research in Humanities, Social Sciences, Economics, Business Administration, Management, Law and other related disciplines and a tool to stimulate the continuity of research contributions. The journal’s editorial board members are as follows:

  1. Assistant Prof. Dr Anant Tippayarat
  2. Prof. Dr Paisan Laosuwan
  3. Assistant Prof. Dr Kokaew Jankingthong