An Analysis and Techniques Used for TOEIC Test Takers in Thailand



TOEIC, listening techniques, reading techniques


            TOEIC test takers require several techniques in order to achieve the target score. With the limitations of TOEIC preparation, the test takers may look for shortcut techniques to achieve their goals. The current study aims to analyze TOEIC in aspects of its history, studying areas, and characteristics, as well as to provide five effective techniques used for successful TOEIC. As per listening techniques, the test takers must 1) pay special attention to the first keyword of the recordings while looking at the picture, and 2) skim the question items during the gap time before each track of recordings is being played. Regarding reading techniques, the test takers have 3) to detailly read to clarify the complex and attain the accuracy information, 4) to skim and scan the set of question items before starting reading passages; the test takers can save time, stay active, and predict the possible content of the passage. The final technique is 5) to mutually read the question items along with each paragraph of the passage to keep organized the text structures and rearrange ideas of the passage. The proposed five techniques are merely suggestions to those who have already be equipped with basic linguistic competence. Indeed, the test takers require a great deal of vocabulary knowledge, grammatical knowledge, practices, extensive reading, and prior knowledge to support their test-taking. Anyhow, further studies should more focus on the implementation of techniques used in the TOEIC preparation course.


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