Burapha Art Journal is a journal with the objective to support teachers, students, graduates and academics, as well as those who are interested, to have the opportunity to publish academic works and is also a source of knowledge which we have continuously developed quality
Research articles and academic articles in the final semester of this academic year 2017. The editorial department selects and presents a diverse range of research and academic articles, including culture, art, painting, literature, music and design. The editorial team has focused on the importance of the quality of the content to make it a high standard journal respectively.
For those interested in presenting academic articles in Burapha Fine Arts Journal, the editorial team is pleased to receive articles related to arts and culture continuously. You can submit articles to the Faculty of Fine Arts at any time. We will select and present accordingly.
You can send articles directly to the editor's email. Puvasa@go.buu.ac.th or submit articles via the Faculty of Fine Arts website. https://fineart.buu.ac.th/. After receiving the article, there will be a document confirming the reply and we will send it to a professional to consider your article. The editorial team hopes that Burapha Fine Art Journal will be a medium for dissemination and a library of knowledge for further academic benefits.

Published: 2018-05-01