An Analysis of financial worthiness of Waste management of large green hotel

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The objectives of this study are to explore the internal and external factors influencing the implementation the green hotels (large, medium and small hotels)  and to study the worthiness of the waste management of a large hotel. The study employed the in-depth interview method.

            The results found that the most important factor was the management support and good communication between the management and staff. The green hotels did not get any financial support from the government. For the waste management, the study found that it was financial worthiness with NPV 537,580.62 Baht and  IRR 15 percent

            The recommendations for this study were as follows: government should have the financial support for the hotel to be green hotels because they have to invest in machinery and equipments. The government should have a learning center to educate the environmental management.


Keywords: Financial Worthiness, Waste management, Large green hotel


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