The Analysis of Community Development by Sustainable Development Indicators: A Case of Mae Faek Municipality Sub-District, Sansai District, Chiang Mai Province

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The research was a research and development for analyzing the results of sustainable community development and the factors affecting the success and the limit of development. The 391 participants were required to complete questionnaires in Mae Faek Municipality sub-district, Sansai district, Chiang Mai province. The sustainable community development aspect comprised of economic sustainability using average income, Simpson’s diversity index and Gini coefficient, then social sustainability using Social Security index (SSI), Physical Sustainability using physical index (PI), and resources and environmental sustainability using conversation index (CI), awareness index (AI) and safety index (SI). The indices range between 0 to 1 and the indicator which nearly 1 means more sustainability. The results were found that the average income of these sample was 93,230 baht per household annually. The diverse farm income was 0.416 and nonfarm income was 0.329. Sustainability society index was 0.723, sustainability physical index was 0.761, conservation index was 0.802, value environmental index was 0.694, and safety environmental index was 0.531 accordingly. In addition to the factors affecting the success and the limit of development, it was found that economic sustainability should focus on the diverse and quality income as well as social sustainability should develop the human potential in knowledge and skills continuously.  Moreover, physical factor should develop water for agricultural system and environment should protect ecosystem integrity.


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