Behavior of Tablet Usage among New Track Medical Students


  • Pohnnipa Bakhal Somdejphrajaotaksinmaharaj Hospital Medical Education Center
  • Anivat Wateerachata Somdejphrajaotaksinmaharaj Hospital Medical Education Center
  • Chaiyakit Udnan ศูนย์แพทยศาสตรศึกษาชั้นคลินิกโรงพยาบาลสมเด็จพะเจ้าตากสินมหาราช


Tablet, Behavior of tablet usage, Medical student, Medical education


This research has objective to study the behavior of new track medical students towards using tablets in clinical lecture classes. The research was descriptive research. Key informants were 44 medical students in 4th year of Faculty of Medicine, Naresuan University. The research instrument was questionnaire designed by the researcher. Data analyzed by using statistical descriptive methods such as frequency, maximum, minimum, percent, mean and S.D.. The research found 41 medical students had tablet (93.2%) and bought tablet for education (100%). The most medical students had a device for touch screen (97.6%). The behavior of tablet usage found that medical students used tablets for medical learning everyday (73.2%), took a note in lecture classes of average 4.7 hours per day, and have used tablet to take pictures of medical records (95.1%). However, the behavior of tablet usage among medical students reflected the benefits of tablets in promote and facilitate the learning on the clinic classes. Therefore, there should be a tablet project borrowed for increase the chances of learning in medical students.




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