• varangkana topothai Assoc. Prof. Dr., School of Educational Studies, Sukhothai Tammathirat Open University


Social Media, Education


Social media for Education is an intermediary which transmits the content, experience, and learning process for behavioral change. Through media gathering a group of people on the internet. Instructors and learners can create, share, exchange knowledge, content, and experience in forms of audio, text, images, animation, etc. via the media of the website on the Internet. Moreover, social media for education is useful for instructors to teach their learners. It is a learning resource. The user can use social media to communicate, collaborate and help to do brainstorming and working together. However, the social media instructional design model consists of learner analysis, content analysis, set objective, media design, learning activities, and evaluation. However, social media should be used with discretion, media literacy, ethics, and safety.


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