Techniques and Arrangements for Classical Guitar by Hucky Eichelmann : A Case Study of The ASEAN Guitar Album.

  • วัชรานนท์ สังข์หมื่นนา วิทยาลัยดุริยางคศิลป์ มหาวิทยาลัยมหาสารคาม
  • ณรงค์รัชช์ วรมิตรไมตรี Collect of Music Mahasarakham University
Keywords: Techniques Guitar, Arrangement for Classical Guitar


This study of Hucky Eichelmann’s Techniques and chords arrangement of classical guitar is aimed to study the history and specific musical work of Hucky Eichelmann’s techniques and chords arrangement of classical guitar. The song was chosen on the ASEAN guitar album to motivate in music analysis based on Western musical theory. The analysis of western music theory, the techniques, and the chords arrangement results that Hucky Eichelmann has adapted ASEAN music to composing and arranging classical guitar. Most melodies are improved in sequence and repeated in every song. The time signatures used 4/4, and there is a use of the triplets to make music more interesting. There are six techniques of playing the classical guitar, 1) Arpeggiation 2) Natural Harmonic 3) Strumming It’s a hit with a right-handed chord 4) Rasqueado 5) GolpeIt is a technique of knocking the guitar of the guitar6) Legato One more beat, more than three notes In this song, technique used Open Tune (chord Em, E B E G B E) respectively. To arrange chords, there are three main chords used: I, IV and V. There are four techniques of classical guitar chord arrangement; 1) Melody and Accompaniment 2) Interval Texture 3) Bass Line Melody 4) Pedal Tone. It results that Interval Texture is used the most, and Bass Line Melody comes second in use. Keywords : Techniques Guitar, Arrangement for Classical Guitar.


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ณรงค์รัชช์ วรมิตรไมตรี, Collect of Music Mahasarakham University

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