Management of Models for Small Hotel Trad Province Area

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วัฒนา ทนงค์แผง Wattana Tanongphaeng
ชวลีย์ ณ ถลาง Chawalee Na Thalang


The research for establishing “Management of Models for Small Hotel” aimed to acquire the tools which were used as a solution for business administration, increased total revenue and succeeded the business goals. It was the Research and Development by Balance Scorecard’ procedures which guided the scopes of studying and analyzing from 4 indicators; 1) budgetary fund, 2) customers, 3) internal organizational management and 4) growth and development. From 20 sampling who were the small hotel business owners, managers 13 sampling, employees 7 sampling and observe customers behavior. According to the criterion of Thailand Quality Award, the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats analysis and an evaluation principle, as the tools, were applied on the 4 indicators for assessing the success of business. The research found that the budget fund’s management should find outside sources of investment funds to be balanced with the own investment cost. Regarding to the customers, the hotel should target more customers and customer group’s variety. For the internal organizational management, the hotel must prescribe the tasks and duties distinctively. In regard of the growth and development, it was necessary to be well-prepared in the personnel and budget in order to expand the business, the operation employee must be always developed for establishing useful skills and solve the problems efficiently.


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Wattana Tanongphaeng ว. ท., & Chawalee Na Thalang ช. ณ. ถ. (2018). Management of Models for Small Hotel Trad Province Area. Dusit Thani College Journal, 11(3), 1–17. Retrieved from
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