A Synthesis of Theses in Guidance of Academy in Thailand, During Years 2007-2014

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ชนัญญา สุวรรณผา Chananya Suwannapha
มนัสนันท์ หัตถศักดิ์ Manasanan Hatthasak


The purpose of this research was to synthesize the research on educational guidance in primary, secondary schools and university in Thailand during January 2007 - December 2014. The population was selected from 61 theses of master's degree. The research tool was consisted of synthesis research survey form. The data were collected by quantitative synthesis. By using frequency and percentage. The results were indicated as follows: 1) the data base on research, the field of Educational had mostly researched at 68.85%. 2) The content of research, Most of the purposes of research were to compare the behavioral target of the sample at 95.08%. Most of expected benefits were the forms and tools of guidance activities benefits mostly got guidance activity at 85.20%. The scopes of research, Personal and Social Guidance were mostly studied at 67.21%. The hypothesis was Directional Alternative Hypothesis at 60.66%. 3) The research methodology, Most of the types of research were quantitative research at 81.97%. All of that were quasi experimental research at 100%. Most of population and sample came from schools at 96.72%. The simple random sampling was mostly used at 49.18%. The research tool was mostly created by the researcher at 98.36% and the guidance activities was mostly constructed at 100%. The research tool quality was mostly proved by experts and specialists at 100%, try-out at 100%, the validity at 100% and the reliability at 100%. The data were mostly analyzed by Standard Deviation (S.D.) at 98.36%. The level of significance was mostly at the level of .05 at 50.82%. 4) The result of research: most of the expected sample of research was the group of students at 100%.


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Chananya Suwannapha ช. . ส., & Manasanan Hatthasak ม. ห. (2018). A Synthesis of Theses in Guidance of Academy in Thailand, During Years 2007-2014. Dusit Thani College Journal, 11(2), 284–301. Retrieved from https://so01.tci-thaijo.org/index.php/journaldtc/article/view/120033
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