Conceptualization of Mixed-Alternative Tourism Development in a Community: A Case Study of Thakam Sub-district, Chacheongsao Province

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มัสลิน วุฒิสินธุ์ Masalin Wudthisin


Tourism developers are consistently creating new tourism products in response to social dynamic changes. We are now in the era of insufficient resources due to growth of global population. Careless consumption of tourism resources is currently not ideal. Instead, primitive tourism products should be developed in terms of value adding, no more investing in massive amount of money. This article is a study of an attraction, which consists of various tourism resources, in Thakam sub-district, Bang Pakong District, Chacheongsao province. The study implied that not only primitive tourism resources were able to continue to be new products, but also new alternative tourism activities are ultimately created for the community. It was concluded in the study that the concept of mixed-alternative tourism would ultimately useful to many attractions with the same characteristics. Specific researches should be conducted to hosts and guests over the complexities of generating sustainable development.


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Masalin Wudthisin ม. ว. (2018). Conceptualization of Mixed-Alternative Tourism Development in a Community: A Case Study of Thakam Sub-district, Chacheongsao Province. Dusit Thani College Journal, 11(2), 439. Retrieved from
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