The Potential Assessment for Promoting Agro - Tourism at Wawee Village, Chiang Rai Province, Thailand

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นำขวัญ วงศ์ประทุม Numkwan Wongpratum
มุกตา นัยวัฒน์ Mukta Naiyawat
ขวัญฤทัย ครองยุติ
ดวงศิริ ภูมิวิชชุเวช
พรรณิภา ซาวคำ
บวรพจน์ หิรัณยรัศมีกุล


The Potential Assessment for Promoting Agro-Tourism at Wawee Village,Maesuai District, Chiang Rai Province, Thailand is a survey research which aimed to evaluate the potential management for initiating an agricultural tourism at a Wawee Village in Chiang Rai Province, Thailand. The data were collected by using Evaluation form of agro-tourism management potential, observation forms and semi – structure in-depth interviews with 117 samples whom were Visitors, Government officials, NGOs, travel agencies and the Wawee community representatives that involved in the operation of agricultural tourism.

The research result found that overall the potential of agricultural tourism shown in low level with score of 40.19 that means to be improvement. When considering of each components found that all 4 components have moderated potential. The potential carrying capacity  of agricultural attraction is valued score of  14.6. Second is the potential of the  management capacity and tourism services with scores of 9.6. The last level is the attractiveness of agricultural tourism with scores of 6.39.

Suggestions based on the study, Wawee Village should be developed and improved agricultural tourism especially clear activities identity and accelerate developing tourism services standards such as accommodations, shops, restaurants, souvenir shops and community tour activities. Moreover, the tourist-guide or interpreters should be preceded immediately to inform and introduce tourist activities effectively.

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Numkwan Wongpratum น. ว., Mukta Naiyawat ม. น., ครองยุติ ข., ภูมิวิชชุเวช ด., ซาวคำ พ., & หิรัณยรัศมีกุล บ. (2018). The Potential Assessment for Promoting Agro - Tourism at Wawee Village, Chiang Rai Province, Thailand. Dusit Thani College Journal, 12(2), 132–150. Retrieved from
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