The Determinants of Demand Affecting to Loyalty of Tourists at Ancient Chinese Chakngeaw Market Community Pattaya City

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อนุรักษ์ ทองขาว Anurak Tongkaw
พรรณภัทร แซ่โท้ว Phannaphat Saethow


The purposes of this study were to study the determinants of cultural and economic tourism demand factors affecting to loyalty of tourists at Ancient Chinese Chakngeaw Market Community Pattaya City. This survey, the team was trained to collect information for 398 tourists. This study uses binary logistic regression analysis for describing the influence of factors determining the demand for tourism, both cultural and economic, on the loyalty of tourists. The equation can be classified as the first time arrival and more than 1 time as a 71.4%.     The important factors that make tourists visit the ancient Chinese Chakngeaw Market Community Pattaya City more than 1 time were convenient access to tourist attractions, product quality, maintaining local Chinese in communication then ancient Chinese Chakngeaw Market Community Pattaya City must develop convenience to access the market develop quality products with good quality and maintain the local Chinese language to continue.

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Anurak Tongkaw อ. ท., & Phannaphat Saethow พ. แ. (2018). The Determinants of Demand Affecting to Loyalty of Tourists at Ancient Chinese Chakngeaw Market Community Pattaya City. Dusit Thani College Journal, 12(Special), 220–230. Retrieved from
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