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พัฒนาตำราและวารสาร วิทยาลัยดุสิตธานี Dusit Thani College


Criteria and Recommendations for Submissions in Dusit Thani College Journal

Journal of Dusit Thani College A journal that supports academic work. Aims and Scope to disseminate academic results and research results in the service industry. Kitchen management and culinary arts, tourism Hospitality and Tourism Business Health Spa and Beauty Exhibition Management and Conference Management, Business Management Science And academic education both inside and outside the college. To promote and promote academic knowledge in society. By encouraging regular teachers. Professors in various disciplines.

Journal Format
- Scheduled to publish 3 issues per year,

1st edition, January - April.
No. 2 May - August
No. 3 September - December

Articles published must be reviewed by 3 internal and external experts. Per article : Academic Writing / Research Articles

Type of publication

  1. Research Article is an academic research that has been studied by the process. Research Methodology

  2. Article (Article) is divided into 2 categories: Review Article, compiled from academic papers in related fields. And special articles (Special Article), which offers ideas or general knowledge that is beneficial to the reader.

  3. Creative It is an internationally and nationally recognized academic achievement. Or patent applications Show off your academic progress. Knowledge Building Or a method that is beneficial to the field or show the model. The idea of ​​the work or the ability to pioneer in the field.

Articles to be published must, never be published anywhere and It is not under consideration by other journals.

Instructions for preparing the original Thai / English

In order to publish the article accurately and quickly, the author should follow the details.

  1. The original should be printed with A4 paper, print one page and printed with Microsoft Word for Windows XP.

  2. Format, size and type of characters.

         Thai and English articles use TH Sarabun New font style.

         Page layout: top and bottom 1.2 inches left and right 1 inch



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