Crisis Management in Hotel Business

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ศิริพงศ์ รักใหม่ Siripong Rugmai
เยาวภรณ์ เลิศกุลทานนท์ Yaowaporn Lertkultanon
กาญจนา แฮนนอน
กรกช มนตรีสุขศิริกุล


Hotel business is one of the businesses that plays an important role in the economy of the country. Over the years, the hotel business has been affected by the ongoing crisis.  Knowledge of crisis management for the hotel business is vital for the operation and survival of the business.

This article aims to provide guidelines for crisis management in the hotel industry. The presentation of concepts and practices of crisis management for the hotel industry are included. The recommendations that benefits the business in its planning and implementation of crisis management for the hotel industry are advised to help overcome the crisis in a sustainable manner.

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Siripong Rugmai ศ. . ร., Yaowaporn Lertkultanon เ. . เ., แฮนนอน ก., & มนตรีสุขศิริกุล ก. (2018). Crisis Management in Hotel Business. Dusit Thani College Journal, 11(1), 345–354. Retrieved from
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