Thai Sikh’s Identity: Self - Expression in Society

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นักรบ นาคสุวรรณ์ Nakrob Narksuwan


The purpose of this article is to explain how identity can be identified through the identity of Thai Sikhs who are from India and local Thai Sikhs nowadays. They can live happily in society and express themselves through their own identities. The study was carried out through observation, interview, existing studies and other media. Sikhs have ancestors from Punjab, India. They settled in Thailand by conducting military service and as merchants. Nowadays, the Thai Sikhs can pursue a wide range of professions. The prominent identities of Thai Sikhs are “5 Kor” symbol, Gurudwara Sri Guru Singh (a religious establishment) and Jabir language which are accepted in Thailand. Thai Sikhs have a way of changing their identities in various ways to express themselves appropriately in Thai society without any conflict, namely, the change of their external personality to fit into society, including modification of thoughts, learning and proper modification of some principles or guidelines to fit societies.


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