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ฉัตรคญาพัฒน์ เจริญพงศ์ Chudkayapud Charoenpong


This world has become a global village and people are no longer restricted to spend their holidays staying in their own country. Thailand has always been a dream tourism point for international tourists. Tourism authority of Thailand (TAT) with a welcoming logo of “Amazing Thailand” accelerated the growth of Thailand economy but currently facing a decreasing growth. Tourism industry accounts for 9 percent of GDP of Thailand prevailing war and situation of peace has contracted the visits of tourists to Thailand. Thailand tourism industry faced a loss of 2.7 billion dollars in the start of 2015. Increasing challenges and political unrest of Thailand enhanced problems for Thailand’s tourism industry which shrank about 19 percent due to ever rising problems. Increasing stress leads to declining growth and a recessing in tourism industry of Thailand. This paper aims to focus more on reasons behind tourism industry and factors making progress more challenging for Thailand in international tourism market.

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