Comparison Study on Revisiting Budget Hotel and Hostel at the Major Tourist Destinations in Thailand

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Chutpon Sinpattarachart
Tibrat Sangruengrob


This research’s objectives were to study and compare the marketing mix factors which affect to customers’ revisiting Budget Hotels and Hostels at the popular traveling destination in Thailand. All 600 data were collected from a sample of tourists who come to stay at Budget Hotels and Hostels. Once data has been obtained, it goes to the process of analyzing data in the statistical program. The statistics used to analyze data are Exploratory Factor Analysis (EFA), Independent t-test, One-way ANOVA and Binary Logistic Regression. There are 4 factors have the potential affect to revisiting Budget Hotels and Hostels. Such as, Promotion (Advertisement) which decided to revisit Budget Hotel more than Hostel at B -0.677 by 0.508 times, Promotion (Online) which decided to revisit Budget Hotel less than Hostel at B 0.216 by 1.241 times, People which decided to revisit Budget Hotel less than Hostel at B 0.352 by 1.422 times and Process which decided to revisit Budget Hotel less than Hostel at B 0.260 by 1.297 times.

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Sinpattarachart, C. . ., & Sangruengrob, T. . . (2020). Comparison Study on Revisiting Budget Hotel and Hostel at the Major Tourist Destinations in Thailand. Dusit Thani College Journal, 13(1), 139–154. Retrieved from
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