Special Events for Incentive Travel

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Thanathorn Santichat
Sombat Makhon


This article aims to present the way to organize special events which is various and interesting for incentive travel to be the motivating tool using for the proper employees in the right period and destination. This could help them to get the unseen experiences and remarkable memory that never found from elsewhere.

     Incentive Travel is the activities that most organization are presently focusing on to use as the important tools to motivate employees to develop their works reaching the company’s goals and objectives. Apart from giving the cash rewards, Incentive Travel is one of the non-cash rewards that given to the qualified employees. This recognition program is used to appreciate employees for hard working which could be able to keep them be royalty and long-term working with organization.

     Therefore, effectiveness of Incentive Travel Management needs to have somethings that are special and differ from general travel to increase employees’ excitement and motivation to complete tasks as the company’s targets. So, applying special events and festivals as one of the important tools for Incentive Travel are very interesting and effective to some tourists who have never experienced before. Moreover, some special events are customized and only seen in the specific time which could become more special and make impression for visitors. Also, it could be the effected tool to encourage employees work harder for the future rewards again.  

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