Application of Innovation to Revitalize Brand in 4.0 Era

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Jivasit Virameteekul
Chananchida Kaewtipnet
Chatchai Sirivaneepagorn


In the past, brand was just a symbol or one of marketing tool that intended to communicate with customers. It however only identifies or divulge the uniqueness of a product or service. Nevertheless, in the 4.0 era to make the brand more efficiency, companies are challenged to be more innovative. In doing so, they have to combine creativity, innovative ideas, uniqueness, originality and benefits throughout the brand. Moreover, brand itself should functional with the philosophy of putting the spirit of the brand with a personality and adaptability to the new changing and the ever-so demanding customers. Therefore, in this article would like to put the spotlight on the contribution of innovation within the brand of 4.0 era which is not only making the brand successful but also identify with its characteristic. In addition, the process of an invention should be under the dimensions of a newness and creative thinking that potentially provide the benefit, make life more convenient and fit to the lifestyle of customers and society. Furthermore, the products and services must be able to return the profit to the maker or organization as well.

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Virameteekul, J. . ., Kaewtipnet, C. . ., & Sirivaneepagorn, C. . . (2020). Application of Innovation to Revitalize Brand in 4.0 Era. Dusit Thani College Journal, 13(1), 427–441. Retrieved from
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